Aotume Doll Character Customization

There are many ACG characters which makes your heart smile,the ladies of OneeChanBara, the ladies of Sailor Moon, Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw. No matter which one, it will be amazing if you can have one lifesize doll just like your beloved character! So how to make your dream come true?

Five steps for customization:

  • Customer inform which character you want and provide photos. Each person has different interpretations of one character. Therefore, we will base on the picture you provide to design your character makeup and so on.

  • Customer select the head shape and body shape. We will recommend a suitable head shape to you according to the picture you provided, and recommend the body shape according to the characteristics of the role prototype. You can follow our suggestions or choose by yourself.

  • Effect preview: 3-4 days since payment made, we will show you the preview of face. If you are not satisfied, we will modify until you are ok with it. Once your confirmed ok, no modification for the final product.

  • Video inspection: The doll will be completed within 2 weeks after payment, and we will take photos and videos to show you final product.

  • With your confirmation, we will ship the doll and provide you tracking number.

We have customized these characters!

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