Do You Want to Customize A New Doll Just for You?

Please first go check all dolls in my store first. Each doll can be customized, such as to customize skin color, eye color, hairstyle or other basic options. If you go over all the dolls and still can not find out what you need. That means you need to create a brand new doll, with a new face and a new body type, we can help you too! Please just email me,

But remember, such customization and creation takes really huge cost, because it takes time and energy to create a new doll, more importantly because mold cost is very high. Please talk to me and I should check what you want first so that I can quote you the final costs.

Here is the process: 

 1. To Create A New Body

Please tell me how tall. If you have the body measurements such as bust, waist, hip and so on, that will be great. We can use all these data to build up a 3D drawing to show you this body. Or have no idea about the data, just an idea, you can show it to me too. And we will make you a 3D drawing or create a clay mold to show you.



2. To Create A New Face

Please show me photos, as many as possible. Also tell me which expression you want for this face, smiling? moaning? etc. We can build up a 3D drawing or build a clay mold based on photos. Below is a clay mold, doesn’t mean the skin color is dark, it is just clay matrial color.




3. with your confirmation, we will move to create the final mold for production use. 

 4. finally your doll is created.



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