Dollter Dolls

We have so many dolls for your selection! Please understand to make sure a doll is realistic enough, we have different head size and body size to make a perfect combination. Feel free to choose from below options.  

Dollter Head (for 65cm body only)

Dollter Body (65cm)

65cm flat chest

65cm small boobs

Dollter Head (for 100~120cm)

Dollter Body (100~120cm)

100cm flat chest

100cm small boobs

100cm big boobs

100cm huge boobs

108cm flat chest

115cm small boobs

120cm flat chest

Dollter Head (for 126~145cm)

Dollter Body (126~145cm)

126cm flat chest

128cm flat chest

130cm flat chest

130cm small boobs

130cm big boobs

136cm flat chest

138cm flat chest

140cm flat chest

140cm small boobs

140cm big boobs

145cm small boobs

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  1. I think you have mentioned some very interesting points, appreciate it for the post. Doll Antone McHale

  2. Need to know if you can ship to Mexico, I sent email to you, please making my christmas list

  3. I think there has been a lot of progress in the past two years.

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