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How to Customize Your Aotume Doll?

Step 1 - Choose Body Type

So far we have 6 body types to choose.

If you are not into these types, you may contact by mail to design your own. But it costs extra mold cost.

6 Body Types (135, 135AA, 143B, 143D, 162G. 162I)

P.S. Body Movements

Step 2 - Choose Skin Color

So far only two skin colors are available. White skin color and tan skin color. Contact by mail if you want other colors.

Step 3- Choose Vagina Type ( Fixed Vagina OR Vagina Insert)

Step 4 - Choose Feet Type (Standing Feet OR Non-standing Feet)

Step 5 - Choose Head (including makeup, wig, eye)

(1) Extra $100 if you need to customize your doll following a character. We will collect information to make your doll look like the character. This is handmade process involving creativity and makeup skills. 

If you want to customize anime character, either with new eyes, new wig, new makeup, we can make it. The extra customization cost of whole set will be $100. Contact by mail for more details, dollter.com@gmail.com.

(2) Or you can just choose from below standard options, no extra cost. 

Standard Head Options for 135cm Body

Standard Head Options for 143cm Body

Standard Head Options for 162cm Body

More Heads to Choose

Standard Eye Options

Standard Wig Options (not including hair accessories)

Step 6- Extra Accessories

(1) Extra one head (choose from our above designs) – $450

(2) Extra one head (customized for your character) – $550

(3) Extra one pair of eyes from above standard options – $10

(4) Extra one pair of customized eyes – $30

(5) Extra one wig from above standard options – $15

(6) Extra one customized wig – $30

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