Step 1. Please contact by mail, my only email is

Step 2. Please tell me the destination country first. I should kindly warn you that some dolls can not ship to some countries due to the local laws and policies. Talk to me where the doll ship to, and I will honestly feedback you should order or not.

Step 3. Please inform which dolls you may purchase? Do you want it exactly same as promo photo (same skin color, eye color, hairstyle etc.)? Or you want to customize the dolls? You can notice the customization link under the price on the product page, please click that to check what options you can do for your doll. Then tell me all you need by email. Or if there are more you would like to add, just tell me too. If you want more photos to check before order, that is totally fine. I will offer as many as possible. 

If you want to create a new doll, that can be a doll same like somebody, or a doll same like a anime character, or whatever you need. Please check the guide of CREATE YOUR DOLL in this page below.

Step 4. After a while, you may decide which doll and how it will look like. I will resend you all the order details to confirm, also to inform you how much you should pay of course. Normally the price listed in my store is the final price you need to pay. In case you want special customization such as skin color as red or implant real human hair and so on, there will be extra costs.

Step 5. You pay for the confirmed order. We take bank transfer payment mainly (you can use wise for transaction, very easy). We also can take payments via Paypal, Aliexpress.

Step 6. After I got your payment, we schedule production. Normally it takes a week to finish your order. It takes longer time for customized order, it depends.

Step 7. We will send you photos to check when your doll is finished. I need your confirmation and then I arrange shipping.  

Step 8. The shipping agent will inform us the tracking number, so you can easily track your doll package.

Step 9. Once you get the doll, please check if she is still in good condition after the shipping. I will be happy to know from you everything is great. In case of defects, please talk to me immediately, better show me photos or videos to explain. I will offer you satisfying solutions.






新しい人形を作りたいなら、それは誰かのような人形でも、アニメのキャラクターのような人形でも何でもかまいません。 このページの下にある CREATE YOUR DOLL のガイドを確認してください。


5.確認済みの注文に対して支払います。私たちは主に銀行振込による支払いを行います(取引には WISE を使用でき、非常に簡単です)。また、Paypal、Aliexpress経由で支払いを行うことができます。






Please first go check all dolls in my store first. Each doll can be customized, such as to customize skin color, eye color, hairstyle or other basic options. If you go over all the dolls and still can not find out what you need. That means you need to create a brand new doll, with a new face and a new body type, we can help you too! 

But remember, such customization and creation take really huge cost, because it takes time and energy to create a new doll, more importantly because mold cost is very high. Please talk to me and I should check what you want first so that I can quote you the final costs.

Here is the process: 


How tall you want for this doll? If you have the body measurements such as bust, waist, hip and so on, that will be great. We can use all these data to build up a 3D drawing and give you an idea what this body will look like. If you don’t have the detailed body measurements, that is ok. You can show me photos or just describe everything you need. Then we will make you a 3D drawing or create a clay mold to show you. 


Please show me photos, as many as possible. Also tell me which expression you want for this face, smiling? moaning? etc. We can build up a 3D drawing or build a clay mold based on photos. 


With your confirmation, we will move to create the final mold for production use. 


Finaly your doll is created. You get your dream girl. Congratulations.



最初に私の店のすべての人形をチェックしてください.各人形は、肌の色、目の色、髪型、その他の基本的なオプションをカスタマイズするなど、カスタマイズできます。それでも必要なものが見つからない場合。つまり、新しい顔と新しいボディ タイプの新しいプライベート ドールを作成する必要があるということです。



1. ニューボディ

この人形の身長は?バスト、ウエスト、ヒップなどの身体測定値があれば、それは素晴らしいことです.これらすべてのデータを使用して 3D 図面を作成し、この体がどのように見えるかを示します。詳細な身体測定値がなくても大丈夫です。写真を見せるか、必要なものをすべて説明してください。その後、3D 図面を作成するか、粘土の型を作成してお見せします。


できるだけ多くの写真を見せてください。また、この笑顔の表情を教えてください。うめき声?等。 3D図面を作成したり、写真を基に粘土型を作成したりできます。





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