MYLOLIWAIFU-100cm TPE 15kg Doll Nonoka


MYLOLIWAIFU-100cm TPE 15kg Doll Nonoka


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My Loli Waifu (MLW) doll is one of the most realistic doll brand. Most of their faces are cute lovely style, can choose either silicone or TPE material for the head. Doll bodies are mainly made of TPE material, can add on realistic body makeup.

Material (材質): tpe
Height (身長):100cm
Weight (体重):15kg
Bust (バスト):54cm
Waist (ウエスト):50cm
Hip (ヒップ):60cm
Shoulder Width (肩幅):27cm
Arm Length (腕の長さ):43cm
Leg Length (脚の長さ):49cm
Vaginal Depth (ヴァギナの深さ):16cm
Anal Depth (肛門の深さ):17cm


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