AXB-142cm Silicone 28kg Doll GD03


AXB-142cm Silicone 28kg Doll GD03

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AXB is the manufacturer, with so many head and body choices to amaze you. Their Tpe dolls are well known in the loli doll market. They produce realistic silicone dolls, also provide realistic body makeup on Tpe dolls too.

Upper Bust: 60.5cm
Under Bust: 58.5cm
Shoulder width:33cm
Arm Length:55cm
Leg Length:65cm
Net Weight:28kg
Packing size: 129*36*23cm

1 review for AXB-142cm Silicone 28kg Doll GD03

  1. Proximo

    First, Dolltor’s customer service is excellent and the very best of any doll company I’ve ordered from. It’s the only place I shop now.

    This doll has amazing sculpting and is true-to-life making it very life like. For a doll of this body type, she might be the best. The special body makeup looks great and so far has not faded even a little. The eyes are also high quality, they have the shape of a real eye with the lens bulge. It feels like a spring in the back is holding them tight and allows you to easily reposition them. They hold their new position well, aslo. The head I got was a “soft silicon” so it’s more rigid than TPE but still soft enough cuddle face-to-face and not break immersion. The feet are wonderfully shaped and each toe has a toenail that is the right size. Her ankles and knees have a good shape and feel as well. Some dolls have an unnatural “bow legged” effect on the inner thigh, but this doll has a natural shape and the legs come together nicely for “thigh jobs” too, if that’s your thing.

    This was my first full silicon body doll and it is surprisingly soft all over! The skin is so smooth! A little baby powder and it’s hard to believe she’s not alive. I had a tpe doll of this body type and it was just too squishy, but this silicon doll is perfect. So if you’re thinking about getting this one, I definitely recommend it. I also recommend the option of a loose skeleton and articulated fingers, both of which I chose. It’s actually surprising how much more life like it is with a “loose skeleton.”

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