INHERIT-80cm Silicone 6kg Doll Angel


INHERIT-80cm Silicone 6kg Doll Angel

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INHERIT may sound like a new brand to the market. But actually they have been doing OEM for some famous doll brands. They are experienced doll manufacturer.

Material (材質): full silicone
Height (身長):80cm
Weight (体重):6kg
Bust (バスト):50.5cm
Waist (ウエスト):30cm
Hip (ヒップ):53cm
Shoulder Width (肩幅):18.5cm
Arm Length (腕の長さ):26.5cm
Leg Length (脚の長さ):43.5cm
Vaginal Depth (ヴァギナの深さ):17cm

1 review for INHERIT-80cm Silicone 6kg Doll Angel

  1. C****K****

    Don’t be fooled by the young-looking face. INHERIT’s Silicone 80cm E-cup Elf (yes, I said E-cup), called Angel here on Dollter, by default has a very voluptuous body with huge breasts and wide hips, I reckon it’s the same exact body as Dollhouse168’s 80cm Shiori bigger-breasted version considering all of INHERIT’s dolls are variations on other existing doll manufacturers’ designs. Angel here’s head looks like a younger version of Sanhui’s more fantasy face design, more noticeable in INHERIT’s 100cm Devil doll. Anyways, enough about the possible design background, Dollter conveniently has another factory photo of a flatter-chested version of this doll which I noticed and ordered the same one because, to me, it matched the face way better. I’m glad I did because now she’s just that much more cuter, although, her neck’s a bit longish but that’s okay because long hair can obscure that a bit. I got her with the default skin color, green eyes, and a blonde long-haired wig, just as the default look minus the bigger breasts and hips. Her body was a lot firmer than I thought and body a bit sticky too but nothing a little baby powdering can’t fix. She will only come with a bikini for clothing as I believe Dollter doesn’t sell clothes with the dolls they sell here, so if you want the green fairy dress with the flower crown and wings, you’ll have to buy her somewhere else such as KUMADOLL. Being a smaller doll at 80cm, she’ll only come with wire fingers and non-standing feet. She also has no oral or anal hole, only a vaginal one. She comes with expertly done makeup even with some touch-ups on the neck, fingers, toes, naval, and vulva, although, the makeup other than on her face has all but faded completely as I bought and received her back in early July. I have enjoyed doing photo shoots with her to improve my photography. I recommend her to anyone looking for a smaller fantasy doll, particularly elves.

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