MOMO-128cm Silicone 20kg Doll MM149 Tsumugi


MOMO-128cm Silicone 20kg Doll MM149 Tsumugi

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MOMO doll focus on cute loli style dolls, mainly made of Tpe material. If you like small boob body, you cannot miss the MOMO doll 128cm and 138 cm.

Material (材質): silicone
Height (身長):128cm
Weight (体重):20kg
Bust (バスト):57cm
Waist (ウエスト):49.5cm
Hip (ヒップ):60cm
Shoulder Width (肩幅):25cm
Arm Length (腕の長さ):40cm
Leg Length (脚の長さ):60cm
Feet Length (足の長さ):16cm
Oral Depth (口の深さ):N/A
Vaginal Depth (ヴァギナの深さ):15cm
Anal Depth (肛門の深さ):13cm

1 review for MOMO-128cm Silicone 20kg Doll MM149 Tsumugi

  1. Jenny

    hello I lives in france I would like to buy momo 128 cm 20 kg entirely silicone head and body DOLL MM 149 tsumugi can you tell me if momo is entirely silicone and not TPE and also how to pay with PayPal and the time for its arrival in france customs and police will see this and I do not like this
    do you have a stock in europe for the same kind of Small silicone doll other than Momo but in the same genre…. Regards

    • sam

      Hello, we can safely transport to France, including customs clearance and transportation costs.

      If you need to purchase, please contact us by sending an email to, and we will guide you on how to order the doll.

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