MYLOLIWAIFU-148cm TPE 27kg Doll Silicone Head Mia


MYLOLIWAIFU-148cm TPE 27kg Doll Silicone Head Mia

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My Loli Waifu (MLW) doll is one of the most realistic doll brand. Most of their faces are cute lovely style, can choose either silicone or TPE material for the head. Doll bodies are mainly made of TPE material, can add on realistic body makeup.

Material (材質): silicone head & Tpe body
Height (身長):148cm
Weight (体重):27kg
Bust (バスト):69cm
Waist (ウエスト):49cm
Hip (ヒップ):79cm
Shoulder Width (肩幅):33cm
Arm Length (腕の長さ):59cm
Leg Length (脚の長さ):72cm
Vaginal Depth (ヴァギナの深さ):18cm
Anal Depth (肛門の深さ):18cm

1 review for MYLOLIWAIFU-148cm TPE 27kg Doll Silicone Head Mia

  1. Ramza Jinn Ruu

    I have purchase MLW 148cm B-Cup TPE body with soft silicone head Mia. I also own MLW 138cm B-cup TPE body with silicone Rena. The box the doll was in the packaging was neat and the doll was well protected. Soft silicone Mia head comes in a hard plastic cover that protects it in transit (All doll brands should do this). She came with all the accessories you should excepted from buying the doll.
    As a owner of 14 dolls across multiple brands like Piper Doll and WM Dolls to name a few MLW/JS have the best feeling and softest TPE dolls. For how soft the TPE is you would except low durability from the material but I don’t know how they did it their TPE is very durable that with both my Rena and Mia doll.
    She came with body paint but since I oil bath all my TPE dolls it pointless since over a very short time that body paint wouldn’t exist anymore “but” I would recommend get it on a full silicone body cause the make-up they use on the silicone stay forever my Rena soft silicone head still have the details on her even having her for over a year now.
    If you play with your doll(s) MLW/JS does not disappoint at all. The softness of the TPE is very enjoyable and the channel details in the vagina and anus is the best out of all the brands I own. The skeleton of the doll is solid you get all the movements you should get out of all shrug shoulders, twisted torso etc etc. it’s all here on the doll. The wigs that comes with the doll is not that great. A lot of loose hair from brushing the wig but you can easily just buy a better wig so it not a deal breaker to me at all.
    Overall MLW/JS dolls are worth purchasing as a first doll or your next doll purchase, the company gives you photos after they finished making the doll to confirmed your invoice. I am very satisfied with both Rena and Mia and will buy other MLW/JS doll in the future.

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