Welcome to Dollter

If kisses were raindrops,

I’d send you showers.

If hugs were seconds,

I’d send you hours.

If smiles were water,

I’d send you the sea,

and if love were a doll,

I’d send you Dollter!

Hi, I am Kiki from Dollter.

Some of you may know about Dollter, we are based in China. And I am Chinese. English is not my mother languae, so if you find some strange words or sentences, don’t be surprised haha. 

Anyway, this is firt blog post for Dollter. I feel like I should tell you how I feel about you all, how I feel about Dollter. 

Indeed, Dollter is quite a new brand compared to other widely known brands. We start this new brand  to focuse on loli dolls, anime dolls, shorta dolls etc. For such long time, I sincerely appreciate all your trust in us. You trust me, trust in our dolls. And we will bring this trust to keep going on, to provide more and more qualified products, to create more and more new designs to all doll lovers. 

I hope Dollter dolls will go into your life, give your kisses, give you hugs, give you smiles, share your sorrow, be your perfect partner!

Please keep with us in blog, we  will  update   from time to time.  I may show you new designs, progress of doll making, doll production, doll maintenance etc. There is so many I will share. So stay with us!

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