All Things You Should Know About Aotume

AOTUME is a doll brand only makes ACG sex dolls. There are many ACG anime dolls in the market also, but why would AOTUME stands out and you can’t miss if you love ACG (Anime, Comic and Games). There are five reasons.

1# 3D stereoscopic eyes making you feel the doll is looking at you from different angles/also good for taking photos. Replaceable eyes, Removable Eyes, you can customize eyes according to anime characters.
2# Makeup is very dedicated, more importantly is waterproof, anti-friction and last much longer
3# Softer TPE material
4# Stainless-steel skeleton, very flexible and can support body movements just like human
5# Bring your beloved ACG anime character into lifesize sex doll, with vaginal & anal sex functions.

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